Thursday, February 22, 2007


... a Marketing Whiz, that is!

no wonder,
his future rival for the Presidency of the Philippines,
Mike Defensor,
turned as orange as an Oompa Loompa in his TV commercial!

Google "MICHAEL (or Mike) DEFENSOR",
you get a really dull, text-heavy, and outdated (!)
page from the Malacanang website.
I always knew that Sec. Defensor is a GMAma's Boy,
but this is ridiculous!!!

However, try googling "CHIZ ESCUDERO",
and you get his official website right at the top of the Google results page.

A couple of days ago,
I was talking to one of my favorite aunts, Ma Veds,
and she was telling me that she wanted to
voluntarily make some kind of unsolicited campaign contribution
to Senator Escudero.

That got me to thinking that we ought to produce
some really cool bumper stickers...

well, Chiz's Marketing Campaign Whizzes
had beaten me to the punch,
and have conveniently made all the design templates
available for download right


Blogger Acid42 said...

Ringtones, wallpapers, streamers and stickers all for download? Good golly, miss molly. Kumpleto!

:::Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon (Acid42):::

February 22, 2007 at 6:22 PM  

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