Sunday, September 02, 2012


This Rolito Go/Jason Ivler wannabe 
is still being hunted as I write this~

if you know him, be a Jesse Robredo

and report him to the authorities, 
before he does more harm to others.

from the Facebook account of Rochelle Roman-Dela Cruz:


This guy just did a hit and run on our car at 6pm, August 31,2012. 

My husband's car was on 32nd Ave., Global City exiting to Kalayaan Ave. while this guy was on the lane going up to the ramp to Makati. He tried to cut in and transfer to my husband's lane (sumisingit) and hit our car instead. Then he "tried" to hit the car more so that my husband would get out of the way. When my husband asked for his license he said he doesn't have one and that the car was his mom's. (huh?) He also said "YOU PEOPLE don't give way." (duh?! He was on the wrong lane.) Then he went back in the vehicle and drove away heading up the ramp to Makati. My husband could not chase him since our car was already blocked by the pole dividing the bridge and 32nd Avenue. (So now you also know where he was trying to cut in line). 

In case you find this car, pls let me know ASAP. 

Pls also share thanks!


He intentionally hit our car out of frustration. He hit BOTH doors of the car and no where close to the rear bumper (in case you'd think he miscalculated trying to cut in behind our vehicle.) My husband couldn't get down and had to move the car. It was also the car in front of ours that he initially had a difficult time trying to cut in. He asked my husband to leave and move on as if nothing happened because they were causing traffic. He also added that it was only a "scratch" anyway. I assure you that the dent and the giant paint transfer from one door to the other was not JUST A SCRATCH."

post script:

Not to be insensitive make light of the incident, but on Facebook, 

Pinoys will be Pinoys and will find the humor 
in anything and everything:

 moral of the story: DON'T let jesus take the wheel? 

 Hahaha! Good one, May. That Carrie Underwood is full of shit. 

St. Luke yan di si Jesus. Tignan mo kong saan siya galing~ 

Isumbong kay Carabuena! 

Akala ko si Thor nanaman eh. 

Bo Bice? 

This is obviously fake. Jesus would only drive an Accord.


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