Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Ultimate PAELLA!

One of the most gorgeous
Paellas I've ever seen in my life.

There have been legendary Paellas

that MetroManila Foodies have loved through the years:
Mingoy's in Magallanes and
Doña Nena's "Albert" Paella come to mind;

my numero uno choice now is from Chef Carlos Tuason;
it's available at the Mercato Centrale every weekend,
but it's even better delivered still warm to you~

Classic Chorizo.
Sublime Soccarat,
(a.k.a. "tutong")

Perfection on a Paellera.
Gracias, "Mi Paella de Andaluz"~

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello spanky! I've been a fan and an rss subscriber for the longest time. Was wondering why your posts have lessen over the months. Yun pala, sa juice ka na sir. Tried looking for an rss icon to click in your blog and also tried copy pasting it in the add subscription in my reader to no avail. Please help. I miss your witty posts and interesting blog. Thank you!

September 25, 2011 at 3:51 PM  

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