Friday, December 11, 2009

350 MILLION and YOU!!!

I really feel guilty.

I've been updating my Facebook page,
which I treat as my "MICROBLOG",

much more regularly than my Main Blog,
this one you're reading now.

Google Analytics still shows hundreds of hits a day
for this inconsistently updated blog,

and like Obama at the Nobel ceremonies,
I am humbled.

I promise to update
more frequently, and I really appreciate (and apologize for)
all the times you've visited and seen a 2-week old post!

But should I fall off the blogging wagon,

I'd like to request you, dear constant reader,
to please add me up on Facebook,

so that I may continue to give you your daily dose of
the nonsense and sensibility of our crazytown, MANILA!!!

just click here:

many many thanks,
and see you soon at the
350 Million and growing social networking site,

"the FB blue and white"!!!

oh, see you here too! just click:


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