Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Con-COKE-Tions" at BILLY ROCK : Not Your Grandmother's COCA-COLA Anymore...

From The BISTRO Group,
the same great people
responsible for so many memorable meals
(and booze-filled nights) at
TGIFridays, Italianni's, and Outback,

comes a great new concept
that combines
two of my favorite things,


Yes, Virginia,
you can drink-all-you-can,
only at the newest (and only)
COCA-COLA Bar in the Philippines:

Berry Slush,
fruity Monin cherry and raspberry syrups,
with the liberating spirit of Sprite
and the cheerful effervescence of Coca-Cola.

Granny Smith Apple,
brimming with Monin Granny Smith, apple syrup and Coke.
The hint of apple probably makes this a Steve Jobs favorite.

a mishmash of Billy Rock’s Pibb Xtra,
Monin Caribbean flavored with rum syrup, pineapple juice,
and the sparkling goodness of Coca-Cola.

a blend of supreme brewed coffee, Coke, and Sarsi.
Not just for barakos!

Cherry Lemonade,
an icy fusion of Sprite-Sprite Zero, Minute Maid,
lemonade, and Monin cherry syrup.

Peppermint Brownie,
the fizzy sweetness of Coke with chocolate milk,
brownies, and Monin peppermint syrup.

Chocolate Cherry,
the chocolatey combo of Monin cherry syrup
and chocolate syrup mixed with Coca-Cola.

Cinnamon Snifter,
a sweet and sultry mix of Sarsi, vanilla ice cream,
whipped cream, and Monin cinnamon syrup.

Iced Milk,
a creamy treat with the smoothness of whole milk,
the delectable hint of Monin chocolate syrup,
and the bubbly effervescence of Coke.

The Absurdly Generous BILLY ROCK Promos!!!

Mondays & Tuesdays: Bucketday
A bucket of 6 San Miguel beer. 250
A bucket of 6 San Miguel beers with our Billy’s Bite pica-pica. 425

Wednesdays: con-Coke-tions
Enjoy bottomless cocktail drinks with Coca-Cola twist. 275
Add P100 for your endless onion rings.

Endless BillyRocker Drinks
One isn’t enougn but be responsible!
BillyRocker drinks will surely get you buzzed & wanting more. 350
Add P100 for your endless homemade potato chips.

BillyRock Wine + Endless Potato Chips
Have a taste of our own wine, right from the can.
Served with endless homemade potato chips. 350


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