Sunday, March 01, 2009


The long-awaited, much-anticipated

The Travel Channel's most popular show
(seen on Discovery Travel & Living in Asia),

looked like the longest TV commercial ever
for San Miguel Beer.

It had beautiful backlit product shots of
the famous amber beer bottle,

and in almost every scene,
Bourdain was tenderly holding a Pale Pilsen.

The scenes were so quintesentially,
so unquestionably Pinoy,

that the whole show succeeded most as a love letter
to the Philippine's national drink,
and all the pulutan that goes with it.

SMB: indeed, the essence of the Filipino!!!

And the episode,
which featured a surprsingly non-snarky Bourdain
almost poignantly ruminating about our Philippine diaspora,

gave justice and bore fruit
to the outstanding efforts to promote our country,

via the #1 food show in the world,

by a balikbayan from New York
who only recently discovered his native land.

Maraming Salamat,

I'm totally loving the fact
that through No Reservations,

and other high-rating U.S. television programs,
(Pinoys have featured prominently in 2009
in LOST, 30 ROCK, and TOP CHEF!!!)

the positve image of the Filipino is uplifted

from the morass of negativity that
our very own government has dumped us in.

And I'm doubly pleased by No Reservations Philippines
because two very good friends were the tour guides
of Anthony Bourdain in my home city of Manila,
and my beloved home province of Pampanga!!!

Ivan Man Dy
of the Big Binondo Food Woks,

and one of my partners in,

introduced Bourdain to Manila's delights:
lumpia, taho, pansit, adobo, and even
the "make tusok-tusok the chickenballs".

Uncle Claude Tayag
did Pampanga and the Philippines proud
by letting the host of the show fall in love with
sinigang, papaitan, and Bourdain's new obsession:


As a tribute and thank you
to the late, great
Aling Lucing,

who was single-handedly responsible
for re-inventing sisig as our National Pulutan,

I gave a DVD copy of the show to her granddaughter
for the whole Cunanan clan to enjoy at home,
and to show in their restaurant by the "riles".

But no matter how great a TV show is,
nothing beats tasting the food yourself, right?

And so,
together with my partners in
Ultimate Philippines Tours,

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet,
Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town,

Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks,

we're going one step further,
and we're inviting you to experience first-hand,


We are excited to bring you the tour that made
Ultimate Philippines Tours famous…

The Ultimate Pampanga Culinary "BALE DUTUNG" Tour!

Date: March 28, 2009, Saturday
Time: 7am to 7pm
Meeting Place: Starbucks 6750

Pampanga in a Plate Full!
The Ultimate Pampanga Food Tour

We are excited to bring you
THE Ultimate Pampanga Food Tour.

We'll enjoy the ULTIMATE 5-WAYS LECHON with Claude Tayag.

Join us for this Ultimate Pampanga Tour!

Tour Description:
Journey to the central heartland as we immerse ourselves
in ALL things Kapampangan! From Baroque to Betute,

its fun-filled day as we poke around and get intimate
with the very best of Pampanga's cultural offerings.

Gaze at the jewel-box of church in Betis
and walk through the historic lahar-buried town of Bacolor.

We'll stuff ourselves silly
with the best Kapampangan fare
by one of the country's best known Pampango chefs!

A tour with nothing but Kapampangan cool!

You will discover:

The Awesome 5-ways Lechon by Claude Tayag!!!
(since we can't go to Cebu for Bourdain's "Best Pig Ever",
this just may be even better...)

Meet Anthony Bourdain's Tour Guides in Manila and Pampanga!
And So Many More Surprises…

The Tour Experience:
Betis Church * Town of Bacolor *
Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung Restaurant *
Pampanga Specialty Shops

Tour Fee:
P3,800/ Person
- inclusive of tour, lunch, snacks and surprises.
- maximum of 30 people

send an e-mail to

or text/call Ivan Man Dy at 0917-3291622
to reserve your slot!





Anonymous toni said...

Loved the episode! Nabitin nga ako eh. And man, I craved for sisig and lechon after. YOWZA!

March 3, 2009 at 2:44 PM  
Blogger goodfor2 said...

too bad elle doesnt eat meat

March 5, 2009 at 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Spanky!
STI Student po ako from Barotac Viejo Iloilo.
Na-inspired akong mag-blog sa convention ^-^
God bless.

March 11, 2009 at 11:59 AM  

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