Sunday, March 01, 2009

TOP of the WORLD

It's the most engrossing documentary ever.

It's the best-ever rated movie on

It's this year's Oscar winner for Best Documentary,

and it stars the craziest sonuvagun who ever walked a tightrope,
Philippe Petit.

On August 7, 1974,

the impish Frenchman somehow managed
to sneak up the Twin Towers with his team of four,

and armed with a ton of high-wire cables & equipment,
they prepared to set up a feat of sheer bravado
at the newly-finished World Trade Center;

and for 45 astonishing minutes
half a kilometer above Manhattan,

with thousands of witnesses on the ground,
Petit seemed to dance on thin air,

in the greatest piece of performance art the world has ever seen.

The movie is unforgettable;

not only for the sheer audacity of the act,
but more so for the look back in time,
awe-inspiring and heartbreaking at once,

at the unbelievable grandeur of the Twin Towers.

Best of all,

Man On Wire plays out more like a thrilling Ocean's Eleven
heist movie rather than the usual narcoleptic docu.

Now, I must read the book it was based on!!!

Order it from,
look for the dibidi in Quiapo,
or download it on torrents,

and no matter how you finally get a copy,
watch out for the deleted scene below,
to find out more about the mysterious dark man
who first taught Philippe how to walk the tightrope...


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