Thursday, October 02, 2008

From the Manila Grand Opera House to the HOWs of OPERA in MANILA:

or simply,

The TOP 5 Tips on
How To Best Enjoy the Grand...

1. Dress up in an elegant tux,
and make sure your date wears a gorgeous red dress.
Make like Richard & Julia in PRETTY WOMAN,
to have the full Opera Experience.

Yes, the sheer emotion of the music,
and the pure artistry of the voices
can, and will make you cry.

2. Get rid of your pre-conceived notions
based on the sexy characters in the poster.

Italian or Filipino,
Opera Singers were never know to be waifish.

3. Rent RENT. Or go to Quiapo and get the DiBiDi.

The Broadway play/Hollywood movie's Bohemians were based on La Boheme's.

4. Read up on the opera's synopsis before going to the CCP.
All the arias are in ITALIAN.

I was lucky, I watched the technical rehearsal last night
with one of my best buds from La Salle (!),
"The Human Subtitle": Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet,
who helpfully translated the goings-on of La Boheme to me and Mrs. OAP, Rache!

Here's a must read :
Awesome Anton's La Boheme FAQs

Thanks again for the invite,
Bachelor Girl!

5. And HOW Best to really really enjoy La Boheme?

Support our Filipino Artists and buy tickets NOW!!!

Oct. 3: 8pm

Orchestra center P4,000.00
Orchestra side P3,000.00
Balcony 1 center P1,500.00
Balcony 1 side P1,000.00
Balcony 2 P 500.00

Oct. 4: 8pm
Oct. 5: 3pm

Orchestra center P3,000.00
Orchestra side P2,500.00
Balcony 1 center P1,500.00
Balcony 1 side P1,000.00
Balcony 2 P 500.00


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Thanks for the tips!

October 3, 2008 at 8:05 AM  

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