Friday, June 13, 2008

The Luckless Los Angeles LAKERS : 1-3 on Friday the 13th


My beloved Lakers now have to do the unthinkable:
win three straight, one at home in Los Angeles,
and two in the leprechaun-infested Boston homecourt.

This proves my NBA Axiom:

In order to win The Finals,
a team must have either:

a) Three of their players must be among the Top 5
in their playing position in the NBA
(the current Celtics' Pierce, Garnett, & Allen,
the Spurs' dynasty built upon Duncan, Parker, & Ginobili,
the '80s Lakers' Magic, Kareem, & Worthy)

b) Two of their players must be in the Top 3
in their playing position in the NBA
(Shaq & Dwane Wade of the Heat,
Jordan & Pippen of the early '90s Bulls,
Bird & McHale of the Celtics of the 1980s)

Unfortunately for The Greatest Player on the Planet,
Lamar's gone soft, Pau's become inconsistent,
Luke's disappeared, and Fisher's gone fishin'.

I guess Kobe has no choice but to wait
for Andrew Bynum to return
to get his 4th Championship Ring in 2009.


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