Saturday, December 22, 2007

The GHOST Worshipper

I was able to get this DVD cheap
at the HMV on Orchard Road
during my trip to Singapore.

I almost didn't buy it...
I was afraid that the Indian guy at the counter
would snicker at my purchase.

But I'm glad that I put on my brave face
and suffered through that imagined humiliation.
And for only $10.00 SGD, around P285.00,
I now have a copy of one of my favorite films,
complete with all the DVD special features!

It's a movie that defies description:
it is, of course, a ghost story;
but also a tale of revenge,
a laugh-out-loud comedy,
and a guaranteed tearjerker of a love story.
I must have seen it over 20 times by now.

17 years on,
GHOST still haunts me.

The TOP 12 Things I Love About GHOST:

1. Towards the end of the film,
when Patrick Swayze (Sam),
enters Whoopi Goldberg's body
to be able to kiss Demi Moore (Molly)
one final time, we almost had the first
Interracial LIVING-and the-DEAD Lesbian Ménage à Trois
love scene in cinema history.

2. The script was inspired by Shakespeare:
Writer Bruce Rubin wanted to write a screenplay
from a ghost's perspective after he watched HAMLET,
wherein the ghost of Hamlet's father famously says:
"Revenge Me!!!"

Mr. Rubin won Best Original Screenplay
for "Ghost" at the 1990 Oscars.

3. WALTER MURCH was the film's editor.

He did the sound editing for The Godfather I and II,
won the Oscar for Best Sound for Apocalypse Now,
was nominated for Best Film Editing for GHOST,
and won the Oscar for another of my favorites,
The English Patient.

4. The director, JERRY ZUCKER,
directed one of the most influential comedies
of all time, the disaster movie spoof, AIRPLANE!
GHOST was his first "dramatic" movie.

who's never looked more beautiful, before or since,
as she did in GHOST, started a worldwide trend
with her short haircut.

All of a sudden,
all the girls in MetroManila looked like the "conductoras"
of the blue MetroManila Transit buses.

Not since AUDREY HEPBURN in "Sabrina"
had a boyish 'do been so influential.

6. PATRICK SWAYZE in the year 1990,
flush with the successive successes
was the world's biggest box-office star.

His classic line, "Ditto...",
a classic example of Man's fear of saying "I Love You",
is a standby I use to evade commitment to this very day.

7. POTTERY is sexy.
Specially when...

8. UNCHAINED MELODY is playing on a scratchy "45" record!
The Rigtheous Brothers' Bill Medley had a career rebirth
from 1986 to 1990, as his lead vocal was heard
in three of that era's most popular movies:

"You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" from Top Gun,
"I've Had The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing,
and "Unchained Melody" from Ghost.

The musical score by Maurice Jarre,
with its lush Mantovani-like strings,
is sheer soundtrack perfection.

9. GEORGE LUCAS' Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)
did all the special effects for GHOST.

Remember the shadows that turned into demons?
Cutting-edge work, considering that in 1990,
CGI was still a few years away.

10. GHOST was nominated for three OSCARs,
much to the dismay and shock of the critics,
and to the rapture and joy of the moviegoing public.

It was nominated for Best Picture along with
Goodfellas, Awakenings, The Godfather III,
and that year's winner: Dances With Wolves.

Whoopi Goldberg did win the Academy Award
for Best Supporting Actress
for her role as the reluctant medium, "Oda Mae".

11. GHOST is one of the most profitable movies
of all time, with a Domestic Gross of $217,631,306,
from a minimal $22 million production budget.

12. GHOST was the longest-running movie shown
at the old one and only GREENBELT (now Greenbelt 1),
which at the time, was THE movie theater in MMLA.

It was shown there for almost a quarter of a year,
from the start of October to the 3rd week of December 1990,
forced out only by the festival that is the MetroManila CrapFest.

It played at Greenbelt for so long,
I was able to take two girlfriends,
two months apart, to see GHOST.

they both had short hair like Demi.
I didn't make either of them cry all the time like Demi.

"ooohhh my looovee......"!!!


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