Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This convicted child rapist
gives a whole new dimension to:

"You better WATCH OUT,
you better not cry,
you better not pout,

I'm telling you why...
CONGRESSMAN is coming to town!"

First off,
let me blame (as usual) La Presidentita!!!
If she hadn't commuted the sentence in the first place,
this SNAFU wouldn't have even started.

A couple of years ago,
when no one was looking,
GMA shortened Jalosjos'
to 16 short years!

That's Relaxation Perpetua,
NOT Reclusion Perpetua!

And now,
the only thing keeping Jalosjos behind bars
is the fact that the Bureau of Corrections,
the Department of inJustice,
and Malacanang can't agree on their MATH.

Not a single official from the administration
has even mustered a whimper about the gravity of the crime;
all they've been talking about is "16 minus 10"!

These retards, who probably flunked elementary arithmetic,
can't even agree on what percentage of the 16 years
that GMA granted has already been served by the convict.

Is this how we dispense justice in our country?
By playing around with fookin' numbers???

Jesus Christ!
Your birthday is coming up,
please save us from our leaders!

it really seems to me now that the only one
here who will really be getting a LIFE SENTENCE
is the little girl that Congressman Jalosjos raped.

Her life, permanently damaged.
Her perception of justice, changed forever.

And Romeo Jalosojos, once he gets his walking papers,
will resume his role as the producer of EAT BULAGA.

Ha Ha Ha.
Funny, NO?

for the whole story on why Jalosjos
was convicted in the first place,
do read Atty. Connie Veneracion's
Manila Standard article here:


it's a very graphic description of the circumstances
behind the congressman's most heinous, reprehensible crime.


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