Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This really was a whopper of a surprise!

From December 14 to January 31, 2008,

for every purchase of the P99.00 Whopper Jr. Meal,
burger lovers get an extra Whopper Jr.,
in addition to the Whopper Jr. & regular fries & soda
that you actually pay for.

The P140.00 Whopper Meal
also comes with a FREE Whopper Jr.!!!

Happy GOLDEN Anniversary, BK!

What really caught my eye, however,
was the "NO MAKE FUN OF" policy of BK;

apparently, counter servers are trained
never to mock odd orders, since Burger King
allows you to order your burger exactly
the way you like it and "have it your way".

Speaking of which,
I once took a date to Burger King,
their first outlet at Robinsons Galleria,
around 7 years ago, when they had just opened,
and were still offering unlimited soda refills.

I couldn't help but endlessly mock my poor date
after she went to the counter and ordered a...

"HOOPER, please!"

Apparently, she thought that the "WHO" in "Whopper"
was pronounced like the relative pronoun. Blooper!!!

Needless to say,
to this day,
she prefers McDo!


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