Tuesday, November 27, 2007

STAR CAFE : The Home of Baguio's Old-Fashioned Comfort Food

Welcome to STAR CAFE,
where real Baguio folk get their coffee,
Chinese food, and raisin bread!!!

With SM Baguio dominating the city landscape,
most visitors now overlook this institution,
a local favorite since 1940.

One of my great pleasures whenever I'm up there
is to walk down and up Session Road,
and I'm always surprised to find new restaurants
to enjoy every single time.

Conversely, old favorites disappear too,
Cafe Amapola and the original Mario's, to name two;
but I'm glad that Star Cafe seems immune
to foodie trends and short-attention appetites.

This past weekend,
as Typhoon Mina's rains started to lash the city,
I found a warm sanctuary once again in this cafe'.

It's the perfect place to read a thick Sunday paper
while enjoying a hefty Lechon Kawali Rice Topping dish,
with the crispy pork embraced by a chop suey
of the highland's freshest vegetables,
and steaming hot snow-white rice.

Nothing's better on a cold, rainy day!

39 Session Road
(directly across McDo)


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