Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dry & Wet SISIG

My kind of Happy Meal:
two varieties of SISIG for lunch!!!

on the left,
traditional grilled & spiced;

to the right,
slathered with creamy pig's brains.

All this,
with one plastic bag of rice,
for only P60.00!!!

Mabuhay ang Cafeteria ng Pilipino!!!


Blogger mainitnasabaw said...

sarap sarap.

i am a big sisig fan too.

try mo sir yung Sisig Hooray. dun ako sa LRT Recto station branch kumakain. hehe

October 18, 2007 at 8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi.i had a bad experience with sisig hooray kahapon lang. my friend and i were eating sisig there (robinson's galleria) and we were so happy about how yummy it was.niyaya ko sha dun kasi nakakain ako dun once at natuwa ako sa chiken sisig.binida ko pa sa friend ko na mura dun pero okay talaga ung timpla.

we decided to order some rice pa kasi bitin ung almost half cup na ata na rice nila. my friend ordered two extra rice but nobody attended to it (there were four people there and one of them was not doing anything). after some time, mga after 3minutes, my friend repeated her order. and one of the guys told her, "ma'am sandali lang, mabibigyan naman kayo eh."
when my friend got back to our table, mukang offended talaga sha kasi nafeel daw nya na pasimple daw na nangpahiya yung guy. so i said, don't worry about it, let's find na lang their contact details and send them some feedback about their crew.

continue na lang kami sa pagkain, i gave her my last bite of chicken sisig kasi i wanted her to try it since she ordered pork.

heto na.

she discreetly spat/spitted out a piece of "meat" and placed it on the styro plate. she said, "um..karton ba to?"
i couldnt tell at first kasi it was brown and a little flaky, so i decided to pick it up despite of her protests (it's been in her mouth after all).

it's an effing piece of karton T__T
naubos ko na ung order, ang saya diba.
i took pictures using my phone and when i showed it to my coworkers this morning, they were so disgusted kasi it really looks like a piece of cooked flaky meat.

the busboy who was mopping the floor was intrigued with what we were doing so he was looking narin at the "meat". i told him, "karton, manong. nakuha ko sa sisig.jan s sisig hooray. Grr." mukang hindi pa sha maniniwala so i held it with my two hands and tore it. nanlaki ang mata nya nung nakita nya yung texture ng papel na pinupunit. pag-alis namin, he showed our plate to another busboy.

sabi nung friend ko, pag sinabi daw namin dun sa store, baka awayin lang kami at sabihin na we're just trying to get back at them dahil napahiya yung friend ko sa remark nung rude guy.

pero ako ung nakakain nun noh, at malay ko ba kung nasa ibang sisig din nila yun. i can't just let it go ng walang nasasabihan.
when i got home, about 40minutes nang nakalipas, i drank three glasses of water and stuck my index finger down my throat.
di na ko kakain dun T__T

un lang po. salamat sa space :-(

from ortigas

July 1, 2008 at 12:00 PM  

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