Sunday, November 26, 2006


Para sa Lahat ng PESTE!"

The coolest and most unique pasalubong
you can buy at the Negros Showroom.

It's simply a baby's thick rubber slipper
attached firmly to a sturdy bamboo stick;

ergonomically designed
and with just the right length,

it's perfect for terminating IPIS
and punishing all sorts of other bugs,

including unfaithful lovers,
spoiled bratty kids,
and S&M addicts.

it's a wee bit overpriced at P75.00,

but ask yourself these questions:

a. would you go out of your way to make this yourself?

b. is P75 a small price to pay for savoring your
cockroach assassinations,
complete with the very satisfying ker-plop
of those vermin's internal organs exploding???

My 1st Hi-Tech SWat
is already 6 years old,
and it still does the job
with extreme prejudice!!!

I refrained from taking a picture
of the bottom of the slipper...

for obvious reasons!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't stop laughing when i saw the sinelas picture then you divulged that you have one! and still useful! hahaha

you're funny talga =)


November 27, 2006 at 12:34 AM  

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