Monday, August 23, 2010

The Steak and Frites, and absolutely nothing but the STEAK & FRITES!

America has thousands of Burger stands;
in the Philippines, we have our Tapsilog stalls,
and in France, comfort food means Steak & Frites!

I love restaurants that have only one item on the menu.
It's the indication of specialization, of true excellence.

And at the brand new L'Entrecôte,
that's the one & only reason for being:



translates to a premium cut of beef,
most often, a fine sirloin steak.

The potatoes, perfectly crisp and golden,
(cooked in peanut oil to avoid trans fats?)

and topping everything off:

from the chef's secret recipe,
is slathered over the sliced sirloin,
(I recommend medium rare or medium)

and the perfectly cut shoestring french fries.
(the frites are all-you-can-eat at L'Entrecôte!)

Anthony Bourdain
Chef-at-Large of Les Halles,

always talks about the tens of thousands
of steak frites served at that world-famous Brasserie,
and I've always wanted to dine there;

L'Entrecôte just might be the closest thing to that
Manhattan experience that we can find in MetroManila.

Three items on the menu:

1. steak frites with salad
2. steak frites with salad, dessert, and a glass of wine
3. steak frites without steak (the vegetarian option. gasp!)

Elegant tea candles

and a gleaming steel rack
serve as the heating element
that keeps the steak sizzling hot.

I love their music that completes that Parisian ambience.

The songs sound exactly like the sunny French tunes
that are on the soundtrack of my favorite show,

French Food at Home, hosted by the extremely
lovely, absurdly MILF-y Laura Calder:

And though I'm not sure if fresh cherries will be on the menu soon,
the restaurant has a whole range of elegant desserts:

Grand Marnier Souffle, Profiteroles. Baked Alaska, Crêpe Suzette,
Raspberry and Walnut Vacherin Cake, Chocolate Mousse,
Calamansi Sorbet with Pear Liqueur,
and even a Cheese Plate!

A truly lovely restaurant...

and if you have an extra 50K or so,
you can buy any of the paintings on the wall!!!

L' Entrecote
Bellagio 2, Forbes Town Center,
Burgos Circle at the Global City
telephone: 856-4858

Oh, and may I just say
how much I love the "French Maid"
uniforms of the very polite serving staff?

Ooh la la!!!

how to find these lovely ladies:

L'Entrecôte is on the same compound as McDo and UCC;
go deeper towards Burgos Circle, you'll find it on the left side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try the P595 for 3-Course Steak Meal with wine at L’Entrecote. Get 50% off in for their Menu Geneva complete with salad, steak, dessert and a glass of wine.

June 1, 2011 at 11:23 AM  
Anonymous lia sy said...

I bought 25 l'entrocote vouchers, we had reservations tonight june18, i'm supposed to have 25 vouchers for dinner but prior to that we were advised by the manager that they can only accomodate 20 vouchers for 1 night. It's my birthday treat for my clan, but as they said which was not written in ur terms n conditions , we can only use 20 vouchers. This is misleading bec u said we can buy as much as we can, sadly, i have to cancel my invitation for my brother n his family :( , they were left behind.

We used only 19 vouchers , and L'entrecote gave us a seat at the corner, yes, one table for ten and another for nine pax. With inconvenience, they seated us with 2 long benches for the ten persons which made us uncomfortable bec when one person needs to go out, all the people at one side has to stand up to give way. Very poor seating arrangement, they should have given us only one long bench for that table and give the other long bench to another guests (of course not my party).

After the long wait of our main meal , on which my daughter's steak was served w/ a piece of hair strand (of course we had it replaced), here came the dessert, one table were given walnut n raspberry vacherin cake, and one table was not served with the walnut, we were only given a dessert with only the raspberry mouse, meaning wala yun cake part. We complained and the kitchen staff came up to explain that they ran out of the walnut part. (pls look at the dessert pic , walnut is the white part ). Though the kitchen staff were apologetic , im beginning to get pissed off, bec i said "u should have informed us, it's like shortchanging us, beside we had reservations so u should presume that u have ample supply for the desserts. Haaaaay!

Now i still have 6 more vouchers to consume , and when i get back there with a balikbayan, i wonder if they would still short change us. I think u should call their attention regarding this services. I believe in their minds we can be settled with short-changed desserts bec we only paid the vouchers with a discounted price. This is unfair to us who paid it in advanced.

June 20, 2011 at 12:15 AM  

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