Sunday, May 10, 2009


Iceman: You can be my WINGMAN any time. 
Maverick: Bullshit! You can be mine. 

I love BUFFALO WINGS so much,
I had to learn how to make them.

I used to have bottles of Frank's Red Hot pepper sauce and
the original Buffalo Wing sauce from New York's Anchor Bar;

all I had to do was heat up the sauce in a pan,
melt a block of butter into the heat,
and pour/baste it over fried chicken wings.

Absolutely one of my favorite comfort foods ever,
but messy to make, and even messier to eat.

That's why I rejoiced when HOOTERS opened a year ago,
and that's why I rejoiced even more when
BUFFALO'S WINGS N THINGS opened last month.

Now, I can have my beloved wings any time I want 'em,
with no mess and no fuss,
and my favorite American bar chow is not too far
from my office in QC, or my house in Manila!

Determining which wings are better would not be just,
it would be impossible; it would be like comparing
MAX's and KFC fried chicken; both are primus inter pares.
I love Hooters and BWnT both, with equal fervor.

Me, I'm just happy that a new home of Buffalo Wings
has opened in Ortigas, and I don't have to fly all the way
to the Mall of Asia to get my fix of an aircraft carrier's
runway length of these mouth-burning, beer-loving wings!

There are currently nine, count 'em, 9 FLAVORS of Wing Sauces
available in Buffalo's Wings N Things,
and at least two dozen more in development.

SONNY ONG, the guy mixing up these sauces,
is also the Head Chef of Italianni's,
so you know you've got an ace at the controls!

Maverick: I feel the need...
...the need for HEAT!

1. New York’s Finest
> original buffalo style: just enough heat for rookies

2.Dial 911
> original buffalo style: kick yo ass hot!

3. Nuclear!
> original buffalo style: it's a meltdown, call Jack Bauer!!!

The BWnT Logo:
very Top Gun!

If your co-pilots or your date "Charlie" can't stand the heat,
the milder, more savory wings are just as good.

The sweet and saucy
HONEY BBQ wings,

and the GARLIC PARMESAN wings,
one of my favorites in BWnT!!!

Aside from the Wings, don't forget these THINGS!

Chef Sonny said that he's preserved the DNA
of the originals versions of these dishes; so you can be sure

are very very cheesy indeed,

and the golden FISH AND CHIPS
are beer-battered and served with malt vinegar!

Thanks again to Chef Sonny for flying in 
the most authentic buttery-hot wings for our Top Gun appetites!

One more reason to love BWnT:

San Miguel Beers are only P36.00 a bottle,
and if you've lost that lovin' feeling for Pale & Light,
Stella Artois, Heineken, and San Mig Premium are also available!

Frozen alcoholic slushees are available by the pitcher;
Lychee Crush, Margarita, and Vodka N' Orange!!!

Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City

landline : 994-8887
cellphone : 0917-525-3201



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it was good, but the breading was a little think

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