Thursday, August 07, 2008

OBAMA just might have a summit meeting with ERAP!!!


it says a lot about our country's current crop
of unispiring, dispirited politicians that I'm
so much more excited about Barack Obama's run
for the White House rather than the horrible
choices that are facing Pinoys on May 2010;

Pulse Asia's latest survey has VP Noli de Castro
leading at 22%, and guess who's running at second
for the preferences for the Philippine Presidency?

Yes, that recently pardoned plunder-convicted
former President of the Republic, ERAP!!!

OMG. We're sooo f*cked.

Inadvertently, because of her miserable tenure,
(the lowest approval rating of any President
in Philippine History, lower than Marcos!)

GMA the President apparently accomplished exactly what
GMA the Network has been trying to these past few years:

The Complete and Irrevocable Dumbing-Down of the Filipino.

We're so bereft of hope, we're pinning our hopes on Erap!?!?
Are we really that hopeless?

If we find another another leader
as passionate, driven, eloquent,
and brave as Ninoy Aquino, then

there's HOPE for the Pinoy Nation yet,
we all have to contribue to make that CHANGE.

Meanwhile, I'll just console myself with the fact
that Barack Obama's now my friend on Facebook!!!

Find out what his favorite movies, songs, and books are


Remember all the bombastic Sturm und Drang
from our so-called leaders, from the President down,
after the sinking of the M/V Princess of the Stars?

Remember the emotive camera-hogging of VP de Castro
threatening to permanently revoke the operating franchise
of Sulpicio Lines after that tragic disaster off Romblon?

Well, guess who's back on the seas?


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