Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MIRACLE on 50th Street

After months of praying and anxious waiting,
my cousin BanANA was fortunate enough
to get this ticket to hear the Holy Mass
celebrated by the Pope at the St. Patrick's Cathedral
in New York this past 19th of April...

...exactly three days later, on April 22,
after years of praying and anxious waiting,

she finally got her approval for
Permanent Resident Status from the
United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

"Viva Il Papa!!!"

Enjoy the pictures my cousin took below;
no captions needed, just looking at them brought me back
to those inexplicably blissed-out goosebump moments
when I waved at Pope JP2 on Roxas Boulevard.

And according to BanANA,
Pope Benedict XVI has
exactly the same kind of blessed aura that
Pope John Paul II had.

I pray that he visits the Philippines soon,
GOD knows we need him now!!!

The popemobile's license plate number is:


SCV in Italian stands for:
Stato della Citta del Vaticano
(Vatican City State)

And Yes,
the Holy See has a website:



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