Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Is there any doubt whatsoever
that these U.S. Elections are
The Best Reality TV Show Ever?

Tonight was supposed to have been
Sen. Barack Obama's virtual coronation
as the Democrats' president-to-be in 2008...

just 12 short hours ago,
all the polls indicated that he
would win the New Hampshire primary
by almost a double digit advantage,
39% to 30% over Hillary.

The so-called political pundits
(including myself. hahaha!)
figured that it would be game, set, & match
for Sen. Obama;

what we all didn't count on
was the awesome effect of Sen. Clinton's
*hikbi* TEARS for her FEARS:

"It's not easy,
and I could not do it
if I just didn't passionately believe
it was the right thing to do,

I have had so many opportunities from this country,
I just don't want us to fall backwards,

This is very personal for me ...
it is not just political ...
I see what's happening ...
we have to reverse it."

After her whispered appeal,
her voice breaking and her eyes welling,

the average American voter
suddenly realized that the former First Lady
wasn't a ROBOT after all.

Scripted or not,
that show of emotion from the frigid First Lady
was a masterstroke most likely masterminded
by the original comeback kid, Big Bill,

that turned what was expected to be an elegy
for the Clinton Campaign into an energetic
revival of their once flagging chances
against the Obama Onslaught.

"Over the last week,
I listened to you,
and in the process
I found my own voice,"

"Now, together,
let's give America
the kind of comeback
that New Hampshire has just given me."

Jesse Jackson and Geraldine Ferraro

it really looks as if, for the first time,
Americans are dead serious about electing
either an African American or a Woman
to the U.S. Presidency,
the most powerful office in the world,
bar none.

Stay tuned for the next episode of
this real-life West Wing:

> Will John Mc Cain de-BUSHify himself further?
> Will Rudy Giuliani finally show up for the Republicans?
> Can Barack Obama's ""Yes, We Can" do it for the Democrats?
> Can Hillary Clinton finally escape the shadow of Bill?

Here We Come!"


Blogger Dhanggit said...

when i saw this interview..i knew this "hikbi" strategy will also do the thing for hilary..hehehe..oh women..these thing called "tears" could be a symbol of our weakness and yet our strongest weapon against men to mention so far!!

thanks for this post i would never have known hilary made it in newhampshire!! im too lazy to google the result

January 9, 2008 at 10:08 PM  
Anonymous wendy said...

it does look like america is ready for something different. obama and clinton—in sharp contrast with jesse jackson and geraldine ferraro—have sold themselves as viable presidential candidates based on merit, achievement and sheer star power. race and gender take a back seat.

hillary almost always never plays the gender card, but desperate times call for desperate measures. notice, though, that the tears were not tears of weakness or self-pity. they're tears of anticipated regret, shed on behalf of americans who might be foolish enough to vote for someone who's not as ready as *she* is. go, hill!

January 10, 2008 at 11:54 AM  
Blogger spanx said...

excellent insights, wendy!

i'm glad i was able to get my Destiny Cable, which has FoxNews, CNN, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Voice of America, and even Al Jazeerah (!) covering the U.S. Primaries.

best damn reality TV show indeed!

we're going to Abe's Farm this 27th of January, for some Claude Tayag-style food and a hike up Mt. Arayata, ending up with a massage treatment after at Abe's Spa on the foothills of the Pampanga's highest mountain.

buzz me if you and the hubby are interested to join Anton and the Ivans ",)

January 10, 2008 at 1:18 PM  

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