Sunday, November 04, 2007


imagine spending an entire afternoon
just lazing around this breezy cabana,

catching up on your reading,
or better yet,
catching up on your cuddling,

chill out music softly playing,
the sound of waves, soothing...

just 140 kilometers from the city,
less than 3 hours away
if the traffic at the SLEX is kind,

this is the perfect spot for a pocket vacation,
just lying around the whole day with a frosty beer by your side;

La Luz is in Batangas after all,
so don't expect Boracay's powdery sand;

this isn't exactly the kind of beach
where you can just let kids run around unsupervised...

but if you're old enough,
and don't require too much supervision,
La Luz is the perfect place for a sweet diversion.

the typical La Luz package is full board:
generous buffets for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
complete with bottomless coffee, juice, or iced tea,
& since we're Pinoys, there's merienda as well!

dinner in the communal pavillion
turns romantic,
all yellow glows from candles and torches:

the lofts and suites are inviting and cozy;
warning to cable TV addicts though,
there's not a single television to be seen.

so what to do in the evenings, after dinner?

1. hie back to the cabanas for smokes, wine, and
long meandering stream-of-consciousness bullsh*t conversations,
while watching the nightly bonfire on the beach

2. sing your heart out at full volume on the free KTV...


my favorite feature of La Luz?
unless you rent all 20+ rooms,
Karaoke is Banned!!!

3. or just turn on the A/C full blast,
and get really really cozy under the blankets...

i love the little quaint design elements:

for instance,
instead of closets, hangers, and pegs,

the rooms are provided with these large ladders
for guests to neatly hang their clothes/towels on.

the shower rooms are LARGE,
spacious enough for up to four people to take showers together.

or perhaps,
borrow one of the waterproof mats from the cabanas,
and have all sorts of water fun in the shower!!!

and finally,
here's what i love most about La Luz:

these cool mini "palayok" ashtrays
that can be found all over the resort;

not only are they boons for smokers,
their practicality and availability everywhere
ensure that no butts are carelessly thrown around.

it's really a testament to the affection
i feel towards La Luz
that i didn't stuff one into my backpack ",)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asan ang picture ng ka-date mo sa La Luz? hehe. The pics are quite lonely without people in it -ajay

November 8, 2007 at 6:37 AM  

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