Wednesday, April 25, 2007


36 degrees and rising...

time to take a break from Manila's stifling heat,

time to escape the ever escalating stupidity of the
political campaign jingles blaring on loudspeakers
that wake me up every morning,

time to stop thinking about ways to get
Sec. Raul Gonzales to go on a hike
and hopefully get himself lost,

time to escape all the gridlocks caused by the
oh-so-conveniently timed road repairs
simultaneously and haphazardly being done all over the city,

time to pause and read a good book in bed
without the need of turning on the airconditioner,

time to spend a leisurely brunch noshing on strawberries
and sipping salabat
at that cafe' by the ruins,

time to see what's up in cool, cozy, comfy Baguio,

time to CHILL.


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