Monday, January 29, 2007


ever since our beloved TOK-DO Korean Grill closed down,
the "We Love Liempo" Drinking Club
has been looking for a new BBQ joint
to satisfy our Sam Gyup Sal cravings.

Saturday night,
I traversed
the streets of Malate,

entering one Korean and Japanese joint after another,
looking for the just the right BBQ restaurant,
until I found GYUBOU,
right at the corner where the fine BRAVO! Italian resto used to be.

All the best cuts of pork and beef are available,
including the now omnipresent "wagyu",
at very reasonable P200-P300 per plate of raw meat!

As the rest of the Liempo Lovers arrived,
we immediately honed in on the BACON bbq,
a.k.a. our immortal beloved pork belly,
and started grilling...

and chilling,
with the Philippine National Elixir,

one free mug of draft beer
is also given to each patron
as a welcome drink.

but the discovery of the night
really didn't need any cooking at all:

a.k.a. beef sashimi,
or the Japanese version of Steak Tartare.

Gyubou's version is the best I've tried in MMLA:
tender, tapa-cut strips of prime beef,
perfectly marinated and seasoned,
topped with a golden yolk to add to the decadence,
and served with a fresh lemon slice for spice.

We ended up having 3 servings of this carnivore's ambrosia.

This Yakiniku restaurant is relentlessly Japanese,
complete with a shelf full of Manga Comics
and Japanese Showbiz and Fashion magazines,

a constant stream of J-Pop on the sound system,

and even a mini-store
that features Japanese wooden toys,
plastic Samurai swords,
and all sorts of Japanese candies and snacks.

Very LITTLE TOKYO indeed!!!


Blogger Emilie said...

I've been there too. It's my first time to taste Yukke Sashi.Mmmm love it.

June 8, 2008 at 2:19 PM  

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