Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BABEL : The Ultimate FEEL-BAD Movie!!!

like those people in that biblical tower,
i couldn't comprehend anything after watching this movie.

maybe my cinematic tastes are getting too pedestrian,
but jeez, louise!!!
what's the point of depressing audiences for two straight hours???!?!?!?

about this film is uplifting
(well, save for perhaps one act of surprising kindness in a desert town)......

harsh, depresssing, dehumanizing events
take place simultaneously in Mexico, Tokyo, and Morroco:

a standard immigration/deportation story,
a perverse suicidal exhibitionist schoolgirl story,
and an allegoric terrorists vs. America story,

and all are intertwined a la Magnolia/Crash/21 Grams.

I cannot understand how this movie won the Golden Globe for Best Drama.
It's got absolutely nothing on The Departed or The Queen.

Maybe the critics are just competing amongst themselves
to prove who among them is deep and artistic enough
to appreciate the merits of this movie.

In short, Babel, the ultimate feel bad movie,
exists mainly to make movie critics feel good about themselves.

I'm throwing away the DVD,
so as not to make other viewers suffer through this
piece of pretentious depressing crap.


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