Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ang PROBLEMA natin mga PILIPINO...

Masyado tayong Mabilis Makalimot,
at Masyado tayong Mapagpatawad.

This INGRATE returns to TV tonight,
while a PERVERT hypes his perfume line.

Are you WILLING to bet it's going to take less than 6 months
before the first scandal rocks this new WILLIE show?

Breaking his silence: “I felt so humiliated and hopeless,”
recalls Hayden Kho as he faces the camera for an
exclusive pictorial for The Philippine Star.

"... he released all feelings straight from his
wounded and repentant heart.

There were moments of teary-eyed sighs,
laughter, happiness, and peace."


One of Jessica Zafra's funniest and most memorable
columns was entitled "The Purple Prose of Baguio";

her co-columnist in the PHILIPPINE STAR
may just be the new Paragon of Purple Prose...

"If humility makes a man elegant and sexy,
then Hayden Kho is probably the most elegant
and sexiest man I have met lately.

It helps that he speaks in a gentle voice,
that he is absolutely handsome,
that he is brawny and brainy as well.

Oh, okay, I gush."

Look, I realize that Hayden Kho
is good copy and all, but did the writer
really have to go overboard and practically
exculpate this pervert? Ms. Mananquil "GUSHED"...

Read the rest here:


Oh, and there's zero mention of the videotaped ladies
whose careers and lives the Disgraced Doctor
almost ruined. This kind of Insensitivity
under the guise of a P.R. fluff piece?



Blogger Ed Lopez said...

Willie and Belo and Kho only have the power we give them. Unfortunately enough of us give it so willingly.

October 23, 2010 at 8:27 PM  

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