Thursday, May 20, 2010

The ULTIMATE PAMPANGA Food & Heritage Tour highlighted by the ultimate unforgettable unparalleled 5-HOUR 5-WAYS LECHON LUNCH!!!

Join Us...

Next Saturday,
May 29, 2010

for our final
Ultimate Pampanga
tour this summer!!!

We are excited to bring you the tour that made us famous…
The Ultimate Pampanga Culinary Tour!

May 29, 2010, Saturday

7am - 7pm

Rendezvous & Return:
Starbucks @ 6750 Ayala Avenue

Journey to the central heartland
as we immerse ourselves in
all things Kapampangan!

From Baroque to Betute,
it's a fun-filled day as we explore
and get intimate with the very best of
Pampanga's cultural offerings.

Gaze at the jewel-box of church in Betis
walk through the lahar-buried town of Bacolor.

We'll stuff ourselves silly with the best Kapampangan fare
by one of the country's best known Pampango chefs!

A tour with nothing but Kapampangan Kool!

You will discover:

The Awesome 5-ways Lechon by Claude Tayag,
Anthony Bourdain's Tour Guide in Pampanga!

Two of the Most Unique Churches in the Country,

The Motherlode of Classic Capampangan Cuisine,
Everybody's Cafe...

And many more Surprises!!!

The Tour Experience:

Everybody's Cafe * Betis Church * Bacolor Church*
Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung * and many more Pampanga Surprises!

(guess who your tour guide will be?)

Tour Fee:

P4,500/ Person
- inclusive of tour, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and surprises!

or Ivan Man Dy 0917-329 1622
or leave a comment below to reserve your slot!!!


Anonymous Lord Fernandez said...

We did this tour last December (during the ligligan fiesta/lantern festival). We were eating from morning till evening - which makes me sound like a glutton. However - I couldn't help it. All the places that these guys brought us to were great. Claude is definitely a great chef and Mary Anne is the best hostess. These guys from the Ultimate Tours definitely succeed in showcasing the province of Pampanga and what it has to offer. Although it's not within my budget this year - I will definitely book them for my planned trip to Batanes.

May 20, 2010 at 11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watched Anthony Bourdain's show about the Philippines and I've watched this guy disgrace our country with super kayabangan comments that Kapampangan's are known for. Out of all the people in every region why is it that Kapampangan's are known for their notorious kayabangan?

May 21, 2010 at 2:07 AM  
Blogger iyaiyayow said...

awww... i'd love to join but i have an event to organize that day. hay. natatakam ako sa sinigang na lechon!

heavy naman nung word na "disgrace". please dont generalize that all kapampangans are mayabang. that's not fair.

but if you continue to diss them and if i pretend that what you are saying is correct, then i will infer that YOU ARE ALSO A KAPAMPANGAN.

chill, pare. nasobrahan ka yata sa taba ng lechon.

May 21, 2010 at 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think he was mayabang, theatrical maybe but I think Claude was just exhibiting cultural pride with regards to his roots, after all, the feature was about Pampanga.

Its a very healthy dose of 'kayabanangan' I think just as the French or the Chinese might seem snooty with regards to their food, I think all the more we need a lot of Claude's type of kayabangan when it comes to portraying our cultural identity (food included). That way, the world (Western media in particular) does not just think of and portray us as gaya-gaya devoid of culture or a country whose only type of food is balut (no pun intended)

May 21, 2010 at 5:45 PM  
Anonymous dBlah said...

whoa! sinigang na lechon??
*bloghopping. exchange links? just give me a heads up back in my blog. thanks!*

May 26, 2010 at 11:40 AM  

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