Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Have YOU Made Up Your MIND???

In the past three Presidential Elections,
I've voted for the following candidates:

'92 : Miriam Defensor-Santiago
(back then, she was as inspiring as Barack Obama. seriously!)

'98 : Joseph Estrada

(well, he was VP, Senator, Mayor, and (still is) a great family friend)

'04 : Bro. Eddie Villanueva
(a pure conscience vote; no way was I going for GMA,
and FPJ was not an option after my Erap debacle in 1998)

And during all these past elections,
the surveys, specially those of SWS and Pulse Asia,
were very reliable, and ultimately, accurate.

If I recall correctly, FVR overtook Miriam in the homestretch;
too many people were convinced that she was a loose cannon.

Erap led all the way during the Philippine Centennial elections,
and won by a resounding landslide.

And '04 was too close to call, but then, The Great Garci happened.

So based on the most recent surveys from Pulse Asia & SWS,
which practically mirror each other's results,

Smartmatic f*ck-ups notwithstanding,
President Noynoy Aquino will take his oath of office this June,
and so will Vice President Mar Roxas.

A Great Majority of the Filipino People
seem to have made up their minds;

and despite the best efforts of Baby James,
and the constant whining of the NP crybabies,

we'll see much much less of the
Over-Botoxed Over-Spending Orange-Lover
for the next three years or so.

And that makes me very happy indeed.


Speaking of the Nationalistas,
I really was all set to vote for Bongbong Marcos,
owing to his fine achievements up in Ilocos Norte.

However, his most recent pronouncements in the media
are as gusty as the winds generating power in his windfarm.

I'm afraid that FM Jr. is really campaigning to revise history.

And that makes me very apprehensive indeed.


Anonymous Philip Nazareno said...

Hi Spanky.

I was your classmate at De La Salle Grade School some 31 years back (yikes).
Just a quick comment on your candidate. The Inquirer’s front page today [April 8th] headlines “Noy to Manny: Don’t exploit Baby James.”

Moreover, in an interview with ABS-CBN about the incident, Kris Aquino-Yap said, “Spare my son from Politics. Let him live a life of a 2-year old."

Look who’s calling the kettle black. It was Senator Aquino and his sister who dragged the 2-year old to appear in that awful commercial in which Sen. Aquino performed a rap number. It was Sen. Aquino and his sister who dragged the 2 year-old in the dead of the night to appear on-stage in a political rally.

And now Sen. Aquino dares say that Senator Villar is the one exploiting his nephew?!!

With all due respect to you, Spanky, Senator Aquino's skewed reasoning shows that he is, indeed, in the words of his own commercial, “walang bahid walang duda” — that is, walang bahid ng katalinuhan at walang duda ang kamangmangan.

Kailangan ng bayan ang isang Pangulo na may sipag, may tiyaga, at, higit sa lahat, may kakayahan at may malawak na karanasan.

The Presidency is NOT an “On-the-Job-Training” position.

Cheers Spanky and I do enjoy following your blog.

Philip Nazareno
Your Classmate
De La Salle-Taft
Grade School 1979

April 8, 2010 at 1:49 PM  
Blogger spanx said...

hi philip!

great to hear from you : )

and thanks for your note;
i may not always agree,
but i'll definitely read
and respect your opinion.

are you on Facebook?
a whole bunch of us La Sallites (!)
seem to have popped up
there lately!

April 8, 2010 at 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Philip Nazareno said...

Yup. I'm on our grade school batch facebook group set up by James Orros. Hope to catch up with you soon.

April 8, 2010 at 3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

even if Noynoy wins, he won't be able to handle the job of a president... we look up to him so much that he will have a hard time meeting up to our expectations... therefore, he won't finish his term...
it's my fearless prediction if ever he wins :D

April 9, 2010 at 2:12 PM  
Blogger Ed Lopez said...

I don't know how I can in good conscience support a guy taking advantage of his mother's death.

If she lived another year, Mar would be the party's candidate for Pres. That is another can of worms for another time .

April 9, 2010 at 4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally agree...six years of vindictive witch hunt's while country goes to the dogs and the following six years not only powerless country, but again getting out of the gutter deeper than it already is...we need to learn what i term achievement politics, issue's slinging and song and salute,our national anthem the entrance song...

April 14, 2010 at 1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family good friends with Noynoy's cousins and Uncle's and Aunt's and he a quiet, solo flight though bumped into him with two starlets at the President Tower a few years ago. I agree with Philip that Noynoy totally not ready to lead a country as fragile as ours. He wasn't even thinking of running. Vox Populi was the only reason for his, though have doubts with Kamaganak Inc, decision to run for President. My choices were either Mar or Chiz. Young, intelligent, no heavy baggage, basically well bred and educated to land the job of CEO of our country. Don't get me wrong, am writing this with an objective perspective as basically, am qualifying the candidate. So, am not even going to bother voting for a President. Just Mar and a few Senators and Congressmen. But Noynoy is getting in the Paquiao-Bong Revilla-Lito Lapid song and tears act. Another election circus of popularity versus competence. Spanky, here's a dare you publish if am right. Ask Noynoy classmates what they called him in high school at the Ateneo. And you are wrong about Bongbong. As sorry, but your opinion wreaks of mahjong vindictive remarks and judgement Noynoy's mother had. Judge Bongbong the son, not the father. Like Joey De Venecia, they are both their own men. Not a sheltered, sometimes too much of a loner depressed high school student. Believe though that what Noynoy, if he wins, can be a symbol of clean government, As long as Mar runs the government. And keep Kamaganak,Inc away.

Let me end this comment with two almost a matter of fact historical information many are not privy to. Noynoy's grandfather was the Head of the " dugong aso traitors they called Makapili's ". They covered their heads and pointed to the Imperial Japanese Army which of their own countrymen were Guerilla's fighting the Japanese. Noynoy's father was always tagged a left-of-center leaning politician. His connection to the NPA, who were fighting for their right to own their own piece of land Ninoy's wife owned or mortgaged to the GSIS, who loaned Noynoy's grandfather with a sweetheart deal. It's common knowledge that Kumander Dante led the cell group that bombed Plaza Miranda. Funny, Ninoy only party member not present. When Cory took over, she awarded Kumander Dante with not only land but a brick-making plant using lahar. Maybe a "long" story but have heard it being told many times.

April 27, 2010 at 11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its over when the old lady sings the blues; maya-maya whispered, " totoo ba sila Peping nag manipulate na manalo si Binay at hindi si Mar???". Hyatt daw siya, walang hiya. Tonterontom. Gising na ang KAMAGANAK INC.

May 15, 2010 at 1:08 PM  

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