Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must Watch, Can't Miss MOVIES on DVD!!!

This is why DVDs, and yes, DiBiDis
matter so much for fans of cinema in the Philippines;

the three movies below will probably never
ever be shown in any mainstream mall megaplex,

and I doubt if their official DVD releases will even
be available in our local video outlets.

But You Must, You Need To
Get a Chance to Love These...



is a documentary about the mass murder of bottle-nosed DOLPHINS
(think Flipper...) cruelly killed at the rate of over 20,000 per year,
and the indifference (tacit approval?) of the Japanese Government.

It's a lovely, poignant, heartbreaking, thriller of a movie
that critics have called "a cross between

It's the most suspenseful documentary ever.

It's all that,
and the film has a cameo by Hayden Panettiere
that will make you forgive her for everything
that happened in HEROES after Season 1....


I got this DVD late last year,
and never got around to watching it...

so much so that I even forgot what it was about;
I really thought it was some sort of docu about tattoos!

And so, without consulting Amazon.com or IMDB,
I popped this low-budget "indie" it into my player and...

One of The Best Films of 2009.

No spoilers here; suffice to say,

it's very very TRIPPY,
and the first few minutes will CHALLENGE you;
but please stick with it, and you will be RICHLY REWARDED.

The last film of this genre that left me as dazzled? THE MATRIX.

INK is an independent Sci-Fi movie that puts
massively-budgeted, superstar-driven movies
like The Box and Tranformers to deep, deep shame.

Proof positive that the
Best VAMPIRE Films are NOT from the U.S.A.

a thoroughly perverse take on the bloodsuckers,
as original and myth-exploding as "LET THE RIGHT ONE IN".

Thirst is from KOREA, and Let The Right One In, from SWEDEN.

I'm sure the Philippines can make a vampire movie just as unique.
There's only one Pinoy Director as edgy as Park Chan-Wook...


the big surprise in "Thirst"?

a Pinay in the cast...


that's right,
Brillante's favorite actress!

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